Lift and Shift Tool Tray Transfer Unit

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lift and shift transfer unit

The lift and shift transfer unit combines the standard tool tray transfer linear motion with a mechanical lift. The mechanical lift occurs when a lower carriage runs an upper carriage against a fixed linear guideway. As the lower carriages moves horizontall y, the upper carriages moves vertically. At both ends of the unit, there is a linear guide, where one side provides the lift motion, and the other side provides a lower motion. This solution eliminates the need for any other electromechnical or pneumatic devices to do the vertical lift separate from the horizontal transfer. This provides a fixed box motion from one single gearmotor.

The lift and shift unit was designed and concepted by Design Eng, South African integrator of machinery. This unit is being used for a major automotive OEM. Lazer Arc finalized and detailed the design to make it buildable and functional.


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