How Automation Increases the Efficiency of Manufacturing

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Automation has grown vastly in various sectors — including IT, aerospace and pharmaceuticals. Unsurprisingly, it also has a significant impact on the manufacturing industry. In 2018, industrial robot installations were at 82.3% across U.S. industries and have grown steadily ever since. Automation can improve employee and organizational performance by increasing productivity and worker retention and creating a safe environment that promotes growth and innovation.

Technological advancement has made automation and industrial robots accessible to various businesses, and multiple companies can benefit from automated systems and processes.

Explore the benefits of automation in manufacturing and production and why you should choose Motion Index Drives to boost your efficiency.

What Is the Goal of Automation in Manufacturing?

There are many advantages of manufacturing technology in this competitive sector. It can benefit businesses from its initial installation and complete the entire operation, from computer-aided design to assembly lines. It reduces the need for multiple tools, with easy-to-program products allowing flexibility and versatility. Here are the benefits of automation in manufacturing.

Improves Efficiency

Industries have seen up to a 5.1% increase in production in the initial stages of implementing automation. It can keep up with output and production demands and meet strict deadlines. Automation provides a faster manufacturing process, completing various functions simultaneously.

With real-time data, it can track and monitor processes to detect any changes in quality or inefficiencies. It allows manufacturers to address issues and make better decisions regarding their procedures. Automation can fill the gap, keeping the production line running to maintain output if there is a shortage of skilled staff.

Enhances Quality

By design, automated systems meet specific requirements and accurately carry out applications. Automation can precisely complete repetitive tasks commonly performed manually to increase consistency and quality.

Improving production is one of the core motivations for businesses to implement automation. Besides adding efficiency, automation aims to keep up with the manufacturing industry’s demands, competition and customer standards.

Increases Safety

Businesses can create a more secure work area for employees by adopting automation. Various manufacturing and industrial plants are hazardous environments, with workers completing challenging tasks alongside heavy machinery. When automated systems complete procedures, it allows employees to handle additional, safer tasks that minimize risks.

Fostering a safety culture leads to better job satisfaction and employee retention. Workers feel at ease performing duties, removing stress and anxiety.

Improves Employee Productivity

In 2018, up to 52% of workers in the manufacturing sector worked side by side with automation and AI. Employees working alongside automated systems boost their productivity and capabilities, allowing for higher efficiency and performance.

The use of automation reduces the risk of human error with precision functions. It makes employees eager to develop their skills to keep up with production, improving their careers and building a more knowledgeable workforce.

Reduces Costs

With reduced human error, automation minimizes costly mistakes and wasted materials. A single tool can complete various functions, saving money from buying multiple machines. If you choose to have a fully automated production line, you can cut labor costs with systems that require minimal upkeep for long-term use.

Along with preserving your bottom line, automation can also increase profits. Higher productivity and efficiency means more products, boosting sales and customer satisfaction and creating a loyal client base that will return to your business for reliable and quality products and services.

Easy to Integrate Into the Manufacturing Process

While you could choose traditional industry tools for your automated procedures, custom automated equipment is a better option.

Integrating these components into your existing workflow and alongside your machines is straightforward. The products fit seamlessly into your procedures with minimal adjustments necessary, reducing downtime and keeping the production line moving.

Products That Help Increase Automation Efficiency

Manufacturing companies are increasingly adopting automation to increase efficiency and productivity while growing their operations. Various fixed, flexible and programmable types of automation are available to meet your standards and provide precision capabilities. Here are some of Motion Index Drives’ quality automated products.

  • Rotary index tables: The rotary index table is a versatile tool manufacturers can use in various production processes. It includes high-performance motors requiring minimal power and expense. Use them alongside your industrial robots to improve efficiency. It is suitable for various industries, including labeling, assembly and automotive.
  • VTMF Series servo trunnion: The VTMF Series servo trunnion has a compact design that seamlessly fits into your procedures. It features a large surface and center through-hole for improved mounting options. Manufacturers can program the automated system according to their accurate specifications.
  • Pick-and-place unit: The pick-and-place unit is a high-speed automated product with synchronized movement to ensure consistency and precision. It has a compact design and is maintenance and wear-free.
  • Precision link conveyor: Made from durable materials such as aluminum and steel tracks, the precision conveyor provides longevity and resistance to wear. It has various mounting options to meet the manufacturer’s production process. The precision link conveyor is low-maintenance with custom capabilities, including length, pass-through, etc.
  • Robotic welding positioners: A robotic welding positioner makes it easier for manufacturers to integrate their existing systems for enhanced capabilities. It reduces costs and increases flexibility through the welding positioners’ synchronous functions. It is excellent for use in various industries, including aerospace and construction.

Benefits of Working With Motion Index Drives

We partner with manufacturers and engineers to assist them in getting an automated system specific to their production requirements. With our advanced automated products, you have access to the following benefits.

  • Quality products: We commit to providing our customers with high-performing and quality automated machines to improve their manufacturing processes. We review and test all components to ensure they suit your requirements. Using resistance materials, you get robust systems perfect for long-term use.
  • Custom automated system: Our experienced engineers can design custom systems tailored to your business that require minimal adjustments to work alongside your machining for seamless integration.
  • Meet business and product requirements: Our automated systems follow your specifications to increase product accuracy. We develop solutions to meet your process speed, precision, energy consumption and compact sizes to produce a smaller footprint.
  • Increase efficiency: Improve productivity across your organization with our automated systems. Cut production time, increase product output and improve job satisfaction.
  • Reduced upkeep: Our high-quality, custom-engineered equipment ensures minimal maintenance or breakdowns to maintain productivity.

Improve Your Automation With Quality Equipment From Motion Index Drives

At Motion Index Drives, we provide optimal automated indexing solutions that help manufacturers improve efficiency and productivity across their businesses. With years of experience in automation, we can cater to every step of your manufacturing process.

From planning and designs to assembly and beyond, our engineers work around the clock to help you create custom automated equipment. If you have any questions about integrating our products into your business, complete the request information form or call us at 866-349-7016 today, and our representatives will get back to you shortly.


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