E-Stop and our Fixed Cam Rotary Indexers

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I would like to discuss an E-Stop condition with regards to our fixed cam rotary indexers

When we size up an indexer application, we do what we call an E-Stop study. This study is based on the E-Stop time the end user requires for operator safety. As important as the estop time, is the recovery from an E-Stop.

In this video, you will see the operator initiate an index, the indexer will start up in high speed,  the operator then breaks the light screen, and the indexer comes to a controlled stop. The operator then initiates recovery from the E-Stop  and the indexer can only start up in a low speed until it reaches the next station and stops in the dwell portion of the indexer cam. No matter what happens prior to the indexer reaching dwell, the indexer will only run-in low speed.

Operating our fixed cam indexers this way will give decades of maintenance and service free life.

If you have a rotary indexer application, please reach out to us here at Motion Index Drives, we are here to help you.


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