Custom Multi-Axis Welding Positioner

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In the age of automation and lean manufacturing, doing more with less is a foundation of most improvement methodologies. Multi-Axis robotic welding positioners expand the possibilities of automation by giving manufacturers the advantage of maximizing throughput while saving on floor space.

Multiple axis weld positioners are being implemented in many industries to reduce the footprint required to process and access parts, while minimizing the number of times a part has to be manually moved.

This is especially helpful for the manipulation of large parts, such as aircraft wings or rail cars, which need to be welded and or painted on multiple sides. With a multi-axis weld positioner, flipping parts over can be achieved precisely without antiquated and costly cranes and jigs.

Multi-Axis Welding Positioners provides a superior accuracy, index time, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern automation systems. These complete 3, 4 or 5 Multi-Axis Welding Positioner machines are designed and engineered to provide superior performance in demanding industrial automation environments.

Positioning systems utilize one of two mechanical drive systems depending on customer requirements. Our high capacity “zero backlash” programmable cam systems create extremely high accuracies and repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds, while providing mechanical robustness to suit any size application. For material shuttling and transferring, Motion Index Drives has engineered multi-axis positioning system that utilizes a high precision helical rack and pinion to cover any distance while achieving extremely high accuracy and repeatability.

Weld positioners increase the weld quality, productivity, and safety during manufacturing. Motion Index Drives offers head and tail stock standard sets with the option to purchase a complete trunnion solution that includes heavy duty constructed base frame, HS/TS riser bases, and fixture backbones engineered to your specific needs. View more information on our weld positioning systems here.

Contact Motion Index Drives to see how we can customize your welding positioner: [email protected].


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