Cost-Effective Rotary Indexing Table

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We had a customer that was using only a gear reducer, with servo motor and servo controller. They thought they could save money by going to servo controls without an indexing drive, but the costs to buy all of the controls to do a simple, 90 degree rotation turned out to be very high. The customer came to us for a cost effective solution.

We provided them with a RTX650/4 rotary indexing table, with 3 phase AC gearmotor, that could be run on a simple, cost effective open loop VFD. The positioning is fixed, reliable, and mechanically robust to provided a fixed, 90 degree rotation with no programming or expensive controls commissioning.

In addition, the solution has a built in bearing for the headstock, to further reducer mechanical cost and build time. The motor had connector plugs installed for simple plug and play operation, as well as a manual handwheel on the motor, for manual rotation of the tooling when power is not available. This was something that was not an option or possible with a servo reducer. In turn, over 40 units are being converted to this cost effective, reliable, mechanical solution.


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