Precision Link Conveyor

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Precision Link Conveyor systems are utilized for assembly processes that require several steps and the automated process calls for these steps to be performed in a linear fashion. By laying out the process in a linear fashion, all the other apparatuses that will be performing each process can be located extremely close to the precision link conveyor system, essentially saving on floor space.

Over the last few years Motion Index Drives and Taktomat have shipped several hundreds precision link conveyor systems all over the world. Our LFA precision conveyors have been implemented into automated lines in a variety of industries, including medical device manufacturing, household product manufacturing, lawn equipment manufacturing, pad-printing applications, razor manufacturing, ball point pen assembly, solar wafer manufacturing, battery manufacturing, ammunition production, electronics assemblies and several others.

Our standard precision conveyors provide a very accurate positioning from station to station (guaranteed +/- 0.04 mm at the drive end and +/- 0.07 mm at the opposite end, regardless of length). This accuracy is held in all directions and is achieved by the hardened guideways that run along each side of the precision indexing conveyor system.

Our conveyor systems have much higher load capacities compared to other manufacturers of similar systems. This is due to our lightweight aluminum links that are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum. The light weight aluminum links gives the customer the ability to index at higher speeds.

Our standard LFA precision link conveyors have a unique profile at the opposite end of the drive system to allow for much higher indexing speeds without increasing vibrations in the system. This special profile allows for the cam followers on each link to be in contact with the cam plate at all times as they rotate around, which allows for a very smooth operation.


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