DR-TR Dual Trunnion Positioning System

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The Motion Index Drives DR-TR dual trunnion position system is equipped with our high capacity “zero backlash” TMF servo rotary turntable. By utilizing our TMF series as the 180 degree rotary exchange for the dual trunnion positioning system (H positioner), with its standard accuracy of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds, the accuracy of the DR-TR 3-axis horizontal positioner at the weld point is unrivaled by similar systems offered from other manufacturers.

The extremely high accuracy of the TMF indexer eliminates the need of “Shot Pin” devices that are required from other manufacturers, for high accuracy on their 3-axis (H Positioner) dual trunnion positioning systems. Utilizing our TR series servo gear heads with high torque capacity, for the dual trunnion headstocks, allows for a 2.0 second 180 degree rotation on a load of up to 4000 lbs per side and 3 meters between face plates.

The TR series tailstock features a large 90 mm through hole for customers to run utilities to their tooling and fixtures. The fabricated steel structure is manufactured to be extremely rigid to handle the max loads under the fast index times on the exchange of 180 degrees and the 4000 lb per side trunnion loads. The DR-TR (H Positioner) dual trunnion positioning system was designed to be serviceable while tooling/fixture is mounted and in the robot cell. 

This eliminates the customer need to re-program robots in the cell or any of the 3-axis on the DR-TR robot positioning system. There are 9 standard models of the DR-TR (H Positioner) dual trunnion positioning system to choose from.  Each of these standard models offers an ergonomically friendly position height.  Custom configurations are also available per customers’ requirements.


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