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Applications of Cam Indexers

Cam indexers are most often used to take one piece or part around to different work areas or to orient a piece for different operations. They can move arrays of (often) relatively small parts around work stations for sequential machining, manufacturing, welding, equipment positioning, inspection or assembly tasks.

Guide to Welding Manipulators

Welding manipulator technology is helping companies with welding facilities increase productivity and profitability by reducing downtime and increasing welding speed. Welding manipulators refer to any machine, whether automated or manually operated, that assists in the welding process.

Multi-Axis Positioning Systems Manufacturing Capabilities

To achieve lower production cost and improve return on investment, manufacturers are adding custom single or multi-axis weld positioning units to their process. For example, with one IEC 61131-3-compliant automation program running on one processor, manufacturers move robots smoothly along on linear track systems while performing several tasks in the same cell.

Custom Multi-Axis Welding Positioner

Multiple axis weld positioners are being implemented in many industries to reduce the footprint required to process and access parts, while minimizing the number of times a part has to be manually moved.

Rotary Index Table with Robot Integration

Benefits of this design includes not having to relocate or reprogram the robot since they are all one piece. It is controlled by a simple open loop VFD controller and explosion proof ac motor.