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Lift and Rotate Rotary Index Tables

Motion Index Drive RTCL Lift and Rotate series rotary index tables are utilized for applications that require 2 axis positioning. The system can be manufactured to have complete flexibility to be controlled with servo motors or AC motors with absolute encoder or they can be manufactured to have fixed degree of rotating and fixed linear movement.

Benefits of Precision Indexing Conveyor Manufacturing

Motion Index Drives Precision Link Indexing Conveyors are designed to handle high accuracy and precision in order to move and position a product at multiple stations with flawless operation. Each conveyor comes standard or custom designed to our customer’s application.

Tool Tray Shuttle for Automotive Manufacturing

Our shuttles are used to precisely shift tooling or parts linearly at a customer specified distances with a standard accuracy – DIN 6 on gear rack +/-0.0003”/ft. We were tasked with customizing our compact standard shuttle by providing a solution that doesn’t utilize a ballscrew or belt drive for drive method and with keeping the cable carrier within the dimensions of the tool tray itself.

Understanding what your Manufacturing Needs

Over 49 years of supplying precision indexing equipment, we have seen all types of environments; spot welding, mig welding, laser welding, automated grinding, foundry, food processing, carbon fiber machining, nuclear energy, media blasting, and heat treating. Almost all these industries require different features to make sure the indexers operate for many years.