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Types of Rotary Welding Positioners

There are a multitude of different types of rotary welding positioners, as they come in all shapes and sizes depending on the application they are to be used in. The most basic type of rotary welding positioners is a rotary indexer.

Introduction to Programmable Rotary Tables

Programmable Rotary Tables have a multitude of applications in a wide variety of industries. They are used to position components that need to be rotated in specific, very accurate degrees of rotation so that manufacturing operations can be performed.

Advantages of Using Rotary Welding Positioners

Quality of welds are increased when a rotary welding positioner is used, as a welding location can always be moved to the ideal position that allows for the best, easiest work. Better ergonomics lead to better quality and repeatability, with workers able to adjust the angle and height at which their welding location is positioned.

Custom Linear Transfer Shuttle for Automotive Manufacturing

Motion Index Drives, Inc. was tasked with designing, engineering, and manufacturing a linear transfer shuttle that is a cross between a robot transfer unit and a tool tray transfer unit. The machine builder gave specific constraints in regards to payload to transfer, speed, overall dimensions, and critical maximum height.

Pick and Place Unit Rotary Indexers for Small Part Handling

There are many options today when it comes transporting small parts from one place to another in an automated process; cartesian robots, 3 axis scara robots, pneumatic cylinders to name a few. One of the most robust, reliable and repeatable methods of pick and placing is well designed and manufactured cam system.