Service Support

Slama, MOFA Global

One of our customers from MOFA Global was having issues with a TT250 series rotary index table stopping out of position. To diagnose this issue, our service technician analyzed the indicator pin on the output shaft. This pin should stop at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to get a 12 degree rotation. It appeared to be stopping at 9 and 3 o’clock. This was causing it to stop out of the dwell angle of the indexer and pausing in between each station. This pause is the actual mechanical position. By stopping out of position every time, the internals of the indexer was being damaged. The cam needed to be adjusted so that it triggers the prox switch in this position.

At Motion Index Drives we pride ourselves in being available to our customers in service and technical support to eliminate any downtime for you. We appreciate the kind words from Chad Slama as a result of assisting him with correcting this issue.

“I wanted to send an email and thank you for looking into our issue and figuring it out for us. I do not have any skilled tradesmen on staff currently and rely heavily on vendor support. Motion Index Drives has exceptional support in my opinion and I am glad we decided to call you yesterday. Thank you for troubleshooting this and in such a timely manner. Keep it up.

Deepest gratitude”