Trunnion Index Drives Overview

Motion Index Drives’ Trunnion Index Drive units utilize our RT, TR, or TMF Series rotary index drives mounted in a vertical position. Trunnion Index Drives are ideal for moving large masses with smaller units and minimizing the equipment’s footprint on the floor. All trunnion units can be ordered with standard or custom frames fully equipped with head and tailstock supports and one-piece base weldments.

Key features and Benefits

  • Flame-hardened cams and cam followers
  • Robust construction for intense environments
  • Designed for smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Accuracies up to ±0.008mm
  • Applicable in a number of configurations and settings
  • Locking dwell for stand-alone precision
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives

Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders

  • Oscillating index operation capabilities
  • Easy synchronization of other mechanical devices
  • Large center thru-hole to feed pneumatic, electrical and other lines

Technical benefits for end users

  • Long service lives
  • Flame hardened cams and cam followers
  • Requires less power than leading competitors
  • Internal components immersed in oil bath
  • Accuracies of up to ±0.023 mm (0.0009″)
  • Cam followers last the unit’s entire calculated life
  • Most RT Series models completely maintenance free

Options available

  • Mechanical safety locking devices
  • Reinforced output flange
  • Clockwise, counter-clockwise and oscillating index modes of operation
  • Can be ordered as complete assembly with head stock, tail stock and base frame
  • Custom index and dwell angle
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives
  • Extremely high accuracy applications with NANO Indexer Technology
  • More Options
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