Right Angle Index Drives Overview

Right Angle Index Drives convert a uniform input motion into an intermittent output motion. The intermittent output motion is transmitted through our induction-hardened, precision-machined globoidal cam.

Right Angle Indexers are ideal for high speed, high accuracy applications. These indexers convert a uniform input motion into an intermittent right angle output motion. Both the TG and TX Series are driven by flame hardened cams and have a robust design for high-stress environments. TG and TX Series indexers are offered in a fixed station configuration or as a 100% flexible turntable with a servo motor or standard AC brake motor with encoder.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Great for high speed applications
  • Clockwise, counter clockwise or oscillating movement
  • Cam profiles allow for smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders
  • Accuracies of up to +/- 0.023mm (0.0009″)
  • Housing machined on all sides. Suitable for use in any mounting position required
  • Mounting holes identical on top and bottom
  • Smooth index angles and extended dwell enable continuous use
  • ¬≠¬≠¬≠Right Angle design enables up to 1000 cycles per minute
  • ¬≠Simultaneously rotating input shaft extension.
  • Optional synchronization of other mechanical modules

Technical Benefits for Users

  • High speeds possible
  • Can have dwell angle larger then index angle
  • Extremely reliable with long service lives
  • High efficiency mechanical components require less input power
  • Flame-hardened cams and cam followers
  • Internal components immersed in oil bath
  • Low profile housing for seamless integration


  • Choice of drive
  • Reinforced output flange bearing for higher tilting moment
  • Optional friction clutch on drive
  • Dwell and index angle can be tailored to requirements
  • All sizes also available as programmable flex indexers
  • Custom specified color at no extra charge
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