RTX900 Fixed Precision Conveyor

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One of our LFA fixed Precision Link Conveyor system is an LFA150, the 150 represents the center distance of each link in mm’s. The customer needed 24 working stations on the top of this over & under conveyor, so the overall length of the conveyor is 3600mm between the drive end and the take up end. Each of the 56 links will be tooled with fixtures weighing 10kg, and the 24 fixtures on the top of the conveyor will have another 5kg of parts per link. Transfer distance of 150mm will be at a 1 second index. This conveyor is being driven by our RTX900 – 8 position fixed cam indexer package. The 8-stop indexer is driving the 8-pocket drive cam, giving the 150mm index distance.

Each link is supported and guided by sealed, lubed for life bearings. These bearings ride in, and trap, hardened guide rails that allows us to be able to supply a very accurate precision conveyors. Our precision conveyors achieve accuracies in all directions of .03mm to .07mm throughout the length of the conveyor.

Each of our precision conveyors are supplied with link protective covers. These covers will help keep debris out of the link assemblies as well as the hardened guide rails. The customer is integrating the conveyor into their machine with their own legs supporting the
conveyor. The legs you see here are for shipping only.

If you have an application for a precision link conveyor or want to learn more about them, please give us a call here at Motion Index Drives: 1-866-349-7016 or email: [email protected].

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