Precision Conveyor System

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precision conveyor system

Engineered to elevate the efficiency of electronic component production, the LFA100 precision indexing conveyor integrates advanced mechanical engineering to meet demanding performance standards. This precision conveyor system delivers an impressive sub-500 ms index time for a 100 mm transfer, optimized for high-speed applications. Chosen for its straightforward integration, the fixed cam rotary indexer ensures both precision and ease of control, significantly cutting down commissioning times without compromising on accuracy.

With an exceptional system-wide accuracy of +/- 0.07 mm across a substantial 2200 mm length, the LFA100 stands out in delivering meticulous precision and repeatability. Accuracy assessments post-assembly encompass measurements in the X, Y, and Z axes, ensuring flawless operation from all dimensions. Additionally, Motion Index Drives has expertly crafted both the machine base and the table top, the latter being pre-machined to facilitate seamless integration of auxiliary equipment. This design consideration allows for a highly customizable setup, tailored to support a variety of operational configurations alongside the LFA100 conveyor system.


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