Spare Parts

When calling to order spare parts, please have our shop order number available to give to our Service and Parts Department to ensure that you will be getting the correct parts for your specific unit. The shop order number can be found on our nameplate located on each unit. Spare parts are very important for our customers to have on hand.¬† In the event a customer has a “crash” (robot crashing into tooling) internal components could have unnecessary forces applied to them and may become damaged.¬†This could then cause down time to your line. When customers stock our spare parts the downtime is kept to a minimum. The most common parts to have on hand are cam followers, seals, and bearings for your specific unit. Motion Index Drives can provide a spare parts list for your specific customized unit. Please see our example

We also offer:

  • Retrofitting
  • Training courses for large project implementation
  • Replacement motors
  • Recycling of old turntables
  • Design support for new projects
  • Engineering support for new and existing projects