The Motion Index Drives TSR Series Rotary Index Tables encompass a range of sizes that offer solutions for many applications. Four different models are available in our standard line: TSR600, TSR1000, TSR1400 and the TSR1900. TSR Ring Index Drives are ideal for applications that require large, open center accessibility for tooling and other devices. The TSR Series can be manufactured with a fixed number of stations or as a flexible turntable with a servo motor or standard AC brake motor with encoder.

Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders

  • Easy synchronization of other mechanical devices
  • Open center for mounting equipment
  • Tooling designs can be up to 20′ (6 meters) in diameter
  • Oscillation indexing operation capabilities are standard

Technical benefits for users

  • Extremely reliable with long service lives
  • Flame hardened cams and cam followers
  • Internal components immersed in oil bath
  • Accuracies of up to ±0.023 mm (0.0009″)
  • 4-Point contact bearing increases load capacities
  • 2 to 96 station indexing step capability
  • Custom indexing and dwell periods available for synchronization.

Options available

  • Custom riser base weldments
  • Custom top dials
  • User-controlled stations and timing with the MOTION Flex line
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives
  • Extremely high accuracy applications with NANO Indexer Technology
  • More Options

Industry Examples

Consumer Goods