Pick and Place Units are customized based on the automation application requirements. These units are ideal for high-speed and high-accuracy assembly jobs. A single gear motor controls the dial table and linear lift with synchronized cams, ensuring 100% repeatability and synchronization on every index cycle. With the combination options of cylinder, disk cam, disc groove, globoid, pneumatics and servo technology results in a large variety of pick and place solutions.

Advantages for design engineers and special machine builders

  • Oscillating index operation capabilities
  • Easy synchronization of other mechanical devices
  • Compact units offering high torque ratings
  • Many different configurations to choose

Technical benefits for users

  • Long service lives
  • Flame-hardened cams and cam followers
  • Compact designs
  • Single drive operating both linear and rotary motion
  • Accuracies of up to .0009″ (0.023 mm)
  • Cam followers last the unit’s entire calculated life
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Less input power required than leading competitors
  • Completely wear-free when used with optional Allen Bradley PLC Controller

Options available

  • Reinforced output flange
  • Custom lift and rotate strokes
  • Custom index and dwell angles
  • User-controlled stations and timing with the MOTION Flex line
  • Clean room ready with MEDEX Index Drives
  • Extremely high accuracy applications with NANO Indexer Technology
  • More Options