Slip Rings for Rotary Index Table Applications

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Do you ever find it challenging in determining how you will bring communication and power to your tooling fixtures on a rotary index table application?  Do you find it difficult to determine the appropriate slip ring for your application? Did you know it is possible to provide high voltage 3 phase power and communication such as… Read More

Choosing the Right Indexer

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While speed is an important component to meeting mass movement needs, it’s just one. When choosing a rotary indexer, you’ll also want to factor in a variety of other criteria, many of which will be specific to your project. In this white paper, you’ll get practical advice on which features matter most, how to identify… Read More

Motion Index Drives New Identity

Source: MID

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TROY, MI., – Starting tomorrow Motion Index Drives (MID) will launch a new logo, marking the most dramatic change in its visual identity since the early 2000s. Using an updated version of the company’s iconic script and a logo that reflects a desire to create a universal symbol for MID, the logo better reflects the… Read More

Collimator interchange system for adaptive cardiac imaging in C-SPECT

Abstract—Use of a small field of view can greatly improve the imaging performance of cardiac SPECT systems, compared to using conventional whole-body SPECT system that use a large field of view for cardiac imaging. To maximize the benefits, however, it is important to locate the heart and place it accurately into the small FOV. To… Read More