Lazer Arc by Motion Index Drives Lift and Shift Transfer Unit

The lift and shift transfer unit combines the standard tool tray transfer linear motion with a mechanical lift. The mechanical lift occurs when a lower carriage runs an upper carriage against a fixed linear guideway.  As the lower carriages moves horizontally, the upper carriages moves vertically. At both ends of the unit, there is a… Read More

Precision Link Indexing Conveyor with Electrical / Pneumatic Slip Rings

For years customers have been asking for solutions in how to bring communication, power and air to their individual fixtures mounted to our LFA series Precision Link Indexing Conveyor Systems. Now we have an excellent solution that can provide all these requirements that customers want to make even more use out of our LFA Precision… Read More

Service Support Testimonial

One of our customers from MOFA Global was having issues with a TT250 series rotary index table stopping out of position. To diagnose this issue, our service technician analyzed the indicator pin on the output shaft. This pin should stop at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to get a 12 degree rotation. It appeared to… Read More

Programmable Trunnion Index Drives

Motion Index Drives TMF2000 fully programmable trunnion index drive was custom built and modified to fit our customer’s application. The Rotary Index Table was mounted in a trunnion position to precisely rotate a tooling frame in order for a robot to work on specific areas. The Rotary Index Drive has a self-aligning and over-sized bearing to support… Read More

Turnkey Solution for Programmable Rotary Index Tables

These compact powerful and freely programmable rotary index table and trunnion packages are available through SunSource. The complete package is available in 3 sizes of precision indexing units engineered to take the stress out of integrating a programmable indexing drive. The three standard models cover the mass majority of indexing applications up to 72 inches… Read More