Robotic Welding Positioners Overview


Motion Index Drives programmable index drives all feature extremely high accuracy with high quality manufacturing and over-sized components. All of our flexible weld positioning systems feature flame hardened constant lead barrel cams, which provide no backlash between top rotating dial and the cam itself, through the multiple cam followers engaged into the cam at all times. The large number of cam followers engaged in the cam allows for increased inertial loading capabilities along with the ability for very fast index times and very long life.

The programmable index tables can be driven with either a 3 phase AC motor with encoder, or with a servo motor of choice. The encoder on the motor provides the position feedback of the index drive, and in many cases, an additional axis for a robot can be used to control the index table while utilizing the same brand servo as the robot. Programmable index tables provide infinite positioning while maintaining the same high quality and reliability of Motion Index Drives traditional fixed index drives.

Key Benefits